Thursday, October 23, 2008

palin bounce plummeteth

This dog on dog aggression will not stand.

-Heather Fuller

who are innit for pure fame
tho art magicked like newcomers
when the canary came stumping
in the coalmine
cmere it said ignore our
dogaressa on main st.

—noteworthy the gimmick
to apprehend any traveler
bound by thir headlamp
w/o thir bearing
bushed into the furthest reaches—

who curated the article
one envyes the gesture
mislaid upon the cheek
is al so roundabout
(thir approach) one cometh saying
my mutual interests are different from yrs

xavier—once hilt
thanatos wuz demure
nor any meat in thir manner
nor do they mete out punishment

whan grey
ppl & thir electronic devices
s/time a dog peeping out its basket

I am having trouble connecting
w/ my constituents
the arkitects little imagynd
how thir work would be undone

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