Wednesday, October 8, 2008

bridge to nowherr

"[He has] a lack of willingness, if you will” –McCain spokesperson Nancy Pfotenhauer, on Obama

I’m gonna lay my head on some
lonesome railroad line.
-Nina Simone

a lack of willingness, if you will
makes es wooing parlous
john henry or john kerry
a mystical wonderhaus

of wonderments in maine
the desegregation of
washrooms, who swindle a soup
xir showers and xir shammies
one star in thir square of skye

the warrish norm w/ bloodyed head
armadillo holding a turtle—
—the eye and its waterspout
cleopatra’s asp, or wotever
etc's neckjob

s/thing too luxuriant
w/ a blade
and s/t too capitulative
with a moose.

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