Tuesday, November 18, 2008

θanatos yo

adversaries of use
not onlye thot on thir constituents
whan who
who do not agree as to yoots
the pickling one has nat done
θanatos, top oxling
wot offers thirself
when even achilles
looks on xem lustily

when one is trampled by the hounds
of a clumsy lorry

one submits that they are of lesser mind
than this companye
one has an other crafte
far better to creep in the high grass
of hysterical illnessess

that mountebanke
causes thir invention to become tangible
who hurle brodesydis at eche other
break you off a
goodly hunk
luck is just
a residue of the brine

Thursday, October 23, 2008

palin bounce plummeteth

This dog on dog aggression will not stand.

-Heather Fuller

who are innit for pure fame
tho art magicked like newcomers
when the canary came stumping
in the coalmine
cmere it said ignore our
dogaressa on main st.

—noteworthy the gimmick
to apprehend any traveler
bound by thir headlamp
w/o thir bearing
bushed into the furthest reaches—

who curated the article
one envyes the gesture
mislaid upon the cheek
is al so roundabout
(thir approach) one cometh saying
my mutual interests are different from yrs

xavier—once hilt
thanatos wuz demure
nor any meat in thir manner
nor do they mete out punishment

whan grey
ppl & thir electronic devices
s/time a dog peeping out its basket

I am having trouble connecting
w/ my constituents
the arkitects little imagynd
how thir work would be undone

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

bridge to nowherr

"[He has] a lack of willingness, if you will” –McCain spokesperson Nancy Pfotenhauer, on Obama

I’m gonna lay my head on some
lonesome railroad line.
-Nina Simone

a lack of willingness, if you will
makes es wooing parlous
john henry or john kerry
a mystical wonderhaus

of wonderments in maine
the desegregation of
washrooms, who swindle a soup
xir showers and xir shammies
one star in thir square of skye

the warrish norm w/ bloodyed head
armadillo holding a turtle—
—the eye and its waterspout
cleopatra’s asp, or wotever
etc's neckjob

s/thing too luxuriant
w/ a blade
and s/t too capitulative
with a moose.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

astonished fish

(after Maria Esther Maciel’s title “Peixes perlexos”)
The fish love to be around those rigs! -John McCain, 9/17/08

the eyewall favorable for
ikonicity an
ambivalence au bibliothèque
how eche rig shattrs
the hrt & the gut & the spleen
of fanny-freddy infamy

the fish begin to speak queerly
something that never will happen before
alexander the great
my contemporary
girding the neck
au quelque crossroads
wot disgorges
the libertine’s lap
n the ganymede’s hole

mariesther asks “why were the fish not given any tediousness”[1]
indemnification and not being held
then what the heck ys love
my brinkly protocol?

[1] From the poem “Lost and Found” (“Achados e Perdidos”) by Maria Esther Maciel, in O livro dos nomes (The book of names).

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

now I'm yr dad

With zir mind on zir money and zir money on zir mind. -pfj

either doggeard to be comic
or spaciously an ape attracted to beauty
hurld in the hadean eye not bated
for a cue to being modern
bathing in like total myopia
the smaller, eastern atlantic shells
and the narrow alpine strawberries
one draws forth from the banks
irrevocably one’s hauteurs

Friday, September 12, 2008

ambivalence becometh

low the harslung moon
pokes lewdly out tha cloud

twinlite of the towrs
runs rampant in one's mouth

myn entourage whut
cometh to me in folds, in the fields,

endurrs heavy scarring
as thir mind hesitates

Thursday, September 11, 2008

sarah palin gon aerial wolfhuntin

beganne to be of the milieu
tha bluefurrd devil then siezed on
whan to besmirch even the alpine
sediment goes wolfhuntin, adieu!
wrench thir erstwhile barrell from em
erupt it into a fine brine: drill-drill! powpow!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

not the sloppy religiosity

For you, love, I brake my glass, / Your gown is furred with blue. -anon. mid 16th century lyric

nore yet the doggy religiosity
nor the backyard beat
hives erupt from ones furr
one pusses in measures

ad instantitem duchovny
and brittany vie for the meat
disgorged from the vma curr
what upcurls from that same foam