Saturday, October 4, 2008

astonished fish

(after Maria Esther Maciel’s title “Peixes perlexos”)
The fish love to be around those rigs! -John McCain, 9/17/08

the eyewall favorable for
ikonicity an
ambivalence au bibliothèque
how eche rig shattrs
the hrt & the gut & the spleen
of fanny-freddy infamy

the fish begin to speak queerly
something that never will happen before
alexander the great
my contemporary
girding the neck
au quelque crossroads
wot disgorges
the libertine’s lap
n the ganymede’s hole

mariesther asks “why were the fish not given any tediousness”[1]
indemnification and not being held
then what the heck ys love
my brinkly protocol?

[1] From the poem “Lost and Found” (“Achados e Perdidos”) by Maria Esther Maciel, in O livro dos nomes (The book of names).

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