Tuesday, June 8, 2010

whose brainpan literally creaturely

on the contrary come up simpering (Paolo Javier) / crickets are not giving each other feedback. crickets are not not giving each other feedback. (Filip Marinovich) / I am a hammerhead shark / a pair of milky eyes that refuse to triangulate. (Sueyeun Juliette Lee)

who on the contrary come up simpering
creating whole deadzones in the gulf
a legality therefor
bristleing the loam
1000s and 1000s of patches of oil
and water and oil plumes found
under the gulf’s surface the oil &
gas together literally devouring
oxygen which levels currently (7 june 2010) at
3 miligrams per litre animals begin to be
stressed at 2 mg per litre so it is soon becom
ing a ded zone. the ocean is dead long live
the ocean! metrology
in place of the porgy
seasonique advertising four periods a year
“who says that time of the month has to be every month?”
who says that time has to be
everytime detritus? kids screaming “go meat!”
can I pay you in gum? shore littered w/ dead
greeks, dead dolphins, dead pelicans, seagulls
unrecognizable as living or dead, creatures
made crude while humans
flock to see sex & the city islamophobia
and queer appropriation
can I pay you in gum? it’s good for consuming media
the first synthetic lifeform “cynthia” pronoun it, created by a computer
bull horn thru
the toreadors throte
a wizened creature nonetheless
who skins perspective but the humans they
had got quite profligate
no sauce nor sustenance de-access-sessioning
the fishes from the very day they witheld
their greeting from me the manatee become
the mentor to shut the person down & render
thir attack therefore